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Project management, a strategic alliance for business

In any company, as well as in its relations with customers and with other companies, problems, opportunities and needs always arise that demand a search for solutions that generate changes in the organization, such changes can not be given at random and this is where Makes it necessary to implement projects that guide this process in the right directions.

However small a project is, it is always necessary to have skills, techniques and management tools to be able to cope with any situation that arises from this and ensure that all its objectives are met. The administration of a project basically consists of planning, directing and controlling the resources, whether people, equipment and / or materials to reach the parameters of quality, cost and efficiency.

Project management is then concerned with designing and guiding processes throughout a project, according to the Project Management Institute (PMI), “processes are guided by five stages: initiation, planning, execution, Control and closure “and all these stages must be developed under administrative standards to ensure their success.

But what is this method and how is it implemented efficiently? Project management and management are practices that Colombian companies have begun to adopt to ensure the achievement of goals and objectives and to establish a successful basis for future projects through a standardization of language and working method in establishing the key steps to be taken. Must follow and standard documentation required at each stage of the process. This methodology comprises a series of key steps or skills that imply a new work culture in which the communication between the members of the organization and the time dedicated to the training and implementation of this new rhythm of work are key factors.

These steps can be summarized as follows and each company must adjust them according to its mission, vision and the specific objectives of each project:

Definition of the project
Work Planning
Contract administration
Supplier Management
Work Plan Management
Management of situations
Scope Management
Risk Management
Communication management
Documentation management
Quality management
Metrics Management

We can not forget that leadership, human resource management, staff motivation and feedback are also indispensable for the efficient development of any project. Remember that a project that is not managed correctly produces losses that can be irrecoverable, so implementing an administrative method that covers all stages, from conception to completion and subsequent evaluation, is an indispensable task that will save us headaches, time and money.

Aseneg is your strategic partner for project management and management, leave it all in our hands!

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