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Organizational climate, key to improving business productivity

At Aseneg we are dedicated to the development and management of human talent, that is why we understand the fundamental aspects related to your company and its implications. One such element is the organizational climate, which you must know fully to understand its operation, main features and how it can affect or improve business performance.
What exactly is the organizational climate?

In simple terms, this concept refers to a series of internal and external conditions that make up the general environment of a company. This work environment is governed by interrelationships and perceptions that can be direct or indirect. These factors impact one way or another on performance, efficiency, teamwork and labor productivity.

Additionally, it is based on the satisfaction of the social and psychological needs of the personnel, the proper administration of projects and the achievement of business objectives. Its relevance is given because there is a direct relationship between the work performance and the positive or negative organizational climate that influences the general perception of the company.
Characteristics of the organizational climate

Depending on the changes that occur continuously in the internal and external context of a company, there are certain elements that shape the environment. Some experts have identified a number of factors that define it; namely:

  • Physical space. Within an organization, this common area houses everything related to labor relations.
  • Social interaction. The various departments, their functions and the people that compose them, will determine the quality of the environment.
  • Organizational structure. Based on the organizational chart, it refers to the hierarchical divisions, their interrelationships and how everyone shares a working philosophy.
  • Work ethics. It refers to conditions such as responsibility, punctuality, productivity, efficiency in the work and the achievement of the proposed objectives.
  • Communication. This essential aspect establishes the bases of respectful, diplomatic, empathic relationships in which there is trust and a good performance is promoted.
  • Leadership. Bosses should foster a positive organizational climate, inspiring and in order to achieve the goals in a friendly environment that invites the best performance.
  • Motivation. A pleasant place, incentives for achievements, extra training, special bonuses and a recognition to the worker, propitiate the impulse to work with more dedication.
  • Integration. If the staff feels identified with the policies of the company and how they do things, joining the group will be a great motivation.
  • Evaluation. Whether annual or semi-annual, the intention is for workers to support each other to strengthen their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

how can we help you?

As a leading company in Aseneg, we are convinced that we can help you strengthen the management of your company’s human talent with the best tools available. We are specialists in providing the best possible environment to maximize your performance.

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