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ASENEG We want to improve our services every day and provide our customers and employees a satisfying experience that exceeds all expectations and strengthen its relationship with us, which is why we implemented the PQRS to facilitate filing petitions, complaints, complaints and suggestions

Why? Because we are interested in all opinions on the quality of our work to strengthen the good, correct errors and change the bad.

Before leaving us your message … Be sure to check the “Reason” box correctly, here we remember what each category is to thus respond more effectively to its concerns.

Complaint : is the expression of dissatisfaction with a service company and / or conduct or performance of any of its employees, and requires a prompt response and resolution, if possible, of the situation presented.

Claims : It is a requirement that is performed when there is any disagreement .

Tip : a suggestion or proposal is made in order to improve a service, product or business process.

Card : is the positive manifestation of users about services offered by the company.